Softlanding for Investors: Investing Opportunities in Europe with Portugal as a gateway

Enroll now for the next Unicorns, ask for the Pitch decks! Está a considerar investir em Startups portuguesas, mas não sabe por onde começar?  Então deve juntar-se a nós no dia 14  de Julho. Neste Webinar, vamos tentar responder a pergunta “Porque é que Portugal é agora, na Europa, um dos melhores locais para investir…
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Lançamento da Missão WebSummit 2022

Inscrições Abertas Workshops: Validação de Mercado, criação de Proposta de Valor Investidor, Plano de Acção, Novas Oportunidades para Startups Brasileiras no Mercado Europeu Se a sua startup está no Brasil e no seu roadmap para este ano está avaliando o potencial do mercado europeu e os mais de  500 milhões de consumidores de alta renda,…
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Getting ready to scale in Europe?

Low-cost Softlanding to access European markets If your startup is in North America and in your roadmap for this year is evaluating the potential of the European Market and its high-income 500 million consumers, you should not miss the webinar, this coming June 23rd “Portugal-North America Innovation Hub”. Non-European Startups face some difficulties entering the…
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Eit Digital

EIT Digital Venture Program

The EIT Digital, is currently promoting the EIT Digital Venture Program. This program, available-only for residents of these 19 European countries is back to help entrepreneurial teams transform their digital business ideas into successful startups. The EIT Digital Venture Program is a competition for teams of entrepreneurs with strong value propositions and an existing prototype…
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Scaling Up in Europe

The Venture Builder is currently promoting a fantastic Softlanding Program to help entrepreneurs scale up their startups into European Markets. The Softlanding Program is a Program for startups with an existing MVP and strong value proposition who are eager to validate their Product- Market Fit in the Portuguese Market but with the aim to scale…
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Portugal has now available more than 150 million euros for startups wishing to validate new digital technologies

Portugal is a prime destination for early adoption of new technology and ideas and for trials. As Ms. Ana Teresa Lehman, a previous secretary of state for industry explained: “We are a small country, but we are highly-developed and ready for new technology; indeed, we are a fertile ground for experimentation and a test-bed for…
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Call INNOV-ID, 100,000 Euros available per project

If you intend to enrol in our Scaling Up Program, this is a great call to get funding and therefore scale your business in Europe. Great news! Portugal Ventures has just opened a new call – Call INNOV-ID, with 100,000 Euros per project. Like the 1st edition, this new call is also intended for tech-based…
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Indico Founders Program

Indico’s Founders Program now open!

Indico and Google have announced the launch of the 2022 Indico Founders Program Powered by Google for Startups and applications are open until May 31st. Will start in June 2022. In its 3rd edition, and counting this year with two tracks, Tech and Ocean, the program will support and invest in startups at pre-seed stage…
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Startups Brasileiras na Europa

Oportunidades para Startups Brasileiras na Europa

Se a sua startup está no Brasil e no seu roadmap para este ano está avaliando o potencial do mercado europeu e os mais de 500 milhões de consumidores de alta renda, você não pode perder o webinar, no próximo dia 5 de Maio “Portugal-Brasil Innovation Hub”. “Portugal-Brasil Innovation Hub”, visa atrair startups e empresas…
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Are you ready to become a Scale-up in Europe?

What’s the difference between growing and scaling? How can a startup scale? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, keep reading this post until the end and you will get the answers. In Europe, why Portugal is, now, one of the Best Places to start your own startup? Portugal is well-known for its…
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