Podium Dedication (Tradenergy)

Podium Dedication (Tradenergy)

Podium is a Portuguese Startup that is a result of The Venture Builder´s innovative Softlanding Program of TradEnergy, from Brazilian origin. The Venture Builder´s Softlanding is a tailor-made program to help startups and scaleups enter the European markets. Is an Program that helps startups quickly adapt to the European markets by understanding how to do business locally including: the “culture” of doing business, legal and sales practices. 

They address the following problems in the renewable energy markets, like:  lack of direct contact between producers and its consumers, failures in production forecasting, unproductive downtime, increasing costs of kilowatt-hour (kWh). Besides, they are adding IOT and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, making it possible to calculate energy consumption, for instance making it possible to connect electric vehicles to any type of application. It is possible to plan and monitor the execution of routes, having access to the charging stations network as well. 


Their mission is to ease the decision-making process for the purchase and sale of clean energy by encouraging investment in renewable matrices, making accessible Producers of any renewable energy source (for sale of their production and/or surplus) to energy consumers (homes, companies or industries) with low cost through Smart Grid system. They aim to be the “Uber of energy”. 

The Market: 

Podium Dedication serves several market segments:  Clean Energy Market (B2B), Distributed Generation (B2B and B2C) and Electric Mobility (B2B2C). Our main customers are producers, sellers and local consumers of renewable energy.

FundRaising traits: 

They are currently looking for between 50k-100K to finish their MVP validation. If you are interested to get to know more about them, get in touch with us. 

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