Scaling Up now ? Early Bird extended

Scaling Up now ? Early Bird extended

“Scaling-up in Europe” is the new Softlanding Program, by The Venture Builder, for startups that intend to scale in Europe and prepare for Series A FundRaising.     

Scaling up isn’t easy, with a whole load of new and unpredictable challenges to overcome. Do it too quickly and you could find yourself out of your depth, losing control and haemorrhaging money. But wait too long, and you may find you’ve missed your moment — and the market opportunity. 

So, if you’re wondering whether to go for scaling, here are some of the big questions to ask yourself first:

  • What does scaling mean for your business ?
  • Is your “product” ready for scale ? 
  • How will you win customers in new countries ? 
  • Have you got the leadership that it takes ?
  • Are your processes prepared to deal with the expected increase in revenue ? 
  • Your Funding Strategy is ready to cope with it ? 
  • How will you fundraise  it? 
  • Have you got your investor value proposition refined ? 

We have extended our 20% discount Early Bird until 22th March so Hurry up! 

Even if you can not confidently answer all these questions, no worry, we are here to help you out.Taking your business to the next level is unbelievably exciting, giving the chance to make your startup dreams a reality. 

You can know more here or you can register here to get our brochure!

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