Startups Vouchers – Going Green and Digital

Startups Vouchers – Going Green and Digital

The Portuguese Government, under the Recovery and Resilience Plan plan, will award 30,000 euros in innovation vouchers.  Vouchers will be awarded to support local-incorporated startups that have or want to develop digital business models and with a strong green emphasis, therefore encouraging the promotion of the circular economy. They also can be used in the acquisition of incubation,  acceleration or consultancy services.  They also can be used with qualified human resources, who can contribute either through research & development, marketing or any other personnel that you wish to hire. 

This is just one of several measures included in the € 650 million European package for the digital transition funds.   “Now, the great challenge is that the local SMEs face is how to evolve from “doing digital” to effectively “being digital”.  Being digital means adapting business processes to the digital world or even implementing new processes, and not just replicating the processes that already existed in digital. 

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