200M Fund

200M Fund

Part of the strategy that wants to position Portugal as startup hub is the 200M Fund. It aims to attract international startups and investors to Portugal. Increasing Venture Capital activity in Portugal through the mobilization of high-profile funds which, in addition to the financial investment also allows companies to acquire technical and market know-how, thus enabling the development of better strategies to foster innovation and growth is indeed a consequence of the set up of this fund.

Startups in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Digital and IT, Tourism, Engineering and Industry 4.0 sectors, looking for investment between 500 thousand euros and a maximum of 5 million euros are a great target for the fund.

The Venture Builder, is actively promoting this fund, therefore allowing the startups that are choosing our softlanding programs, to access a greater set of financing instruments to support their entry in the largest economy in the world, with a GDP per head of €25 000 for its more than 500 million consumers.

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