6 startups pick Rio Maior in Portugal to start operations in Europe

6 startups pick Rio Maior in Portugal to start operations in Europe

Despite these unprecedented times there are still amazing opportunities available out there.  Either you are an early-stage or a cash-hungry startup, today we’re here to tell you not to give up. The great news is that there is always money for good projects. 

After a fast kick-start, we had just gotten approval for more 6 startups to join our newly-launched “Portugal Growth”.  All of them had raised funds either through the local government-funded programs like Startup Visa, Startup Voucher, Incubation Voucher,  IEFP  or through private funds. 

With our partnership working well with “Centro de Negócios e Inovação de Rio Maior”,  we are now getting more startups and entrepreneurs to benefit from the great investment done by the local City Hall. This masterpiece of infrastructure is ready to provide full-equipped spaces and to empower entrepreneurs with softlanding services with The Venture Builder´s partnership.   

It doesn’t matter where your startup is from… as long as you have a great project and you are willing to incorporate your European operations here in Portugal. 

Want to take advantage of our Softlanding Program “Portugal Growth”  ?    Participate in our FREE webinar! 

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