Softlanding for Tech Startups

Softlanding for Tech Startups

In this new event, you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch, relocate or expand your tech business in Portugal. 

We will introduce to you Opportunities for Scaling-up in Europe, especially  The Venture Builder Scaling up Methodology – three steps approach to succeed in Europe, how to make use of Portugal as an effective test-bed market (Test your MVP and validate your business model!) and Horizonte Europa ´s new startup initiatives. 

Nikitas Kokorelis from BRIDGE IN will tell you how to expand or relocate your tech business to Portugal and use it as a springboard to Europe, from recruiting talent to legal and tax must knows. 

Stephanie de Freitas from Startup Portugal will introduce the dynamic possibilities Portugal has to offer entrepreneurs both locally and overseas. I will discuss  why Portugal is a top startup location, and the tools available to help entrepreneurs land softly when opening and growing a new business or branch in Portugal.

Portugal has one of the most dynamic ecosystems for startups in the world, and it continues to attract tech startups from every part of the world as Forbes as stated here

If you want to know more on why Portugal is becoming an amazing place to kick-off your startup up, then you need to register in our Webinar , here!

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